YOUTHfull Data

YOUTHfull Data at HQ will understand + reduce the barriers to young adults seeking safe + stable housing through technology + data collection.




With over 50 pieces created for our ArtPrize entry “More,” our ArtPrize-focused creative effort was a success, and art continues to be a force in the space. Additional excitement: we’re working with HQ’s Education and Employment program to hire two youth ambassadors. We are currently in the process of hiring and are excited to have them join our team at HQ!


HQ is in the process of beginning new exciting things. We’re implementing our new data system, which means we’ve been able to engage in more conversations amongst staff, partners and committees around equitable data collection, sharing and aggregating. More exciting change is coming, especially as we enter year three of operation as an organization.


Right now, HQ is continuing with their partnership with the Johnson Center for Philanthropy around Human Centered Design, and designing and inviting participants for the next phase of the YOUTHfull Data at HQ. We are committed to continued HCD facilitation, and providing resources, insights and assistance to others in the community. We ended the last phase of the project on notes of optimism and excitement, and we’re eager for that momentum to continue into the fall.

 Read Along with Us

We’re always on the lookout for the latest research, writings and news when it comes to youth experiencing homelessness. This literature informs our Human Centered Design activities, and is a critical foundation for the YOUTHfull Data at HQ. We invite you to turn the pages with us!

Better is Good Enough: Putting Imperfect Data to Good Use Markets for Good, Andrew Means

Pathways into Adult Homelessness Journal of Sociology Chris Chamberlain and Guy Johnson

 Internet and Social Media Use as a Resource Among Homeless Youth Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication Eric Rice, Anamika Barman-Adhikari

Australian Youth Homeless Report 2015 Australian Youth Homelessness Experience, Paul Flatau, Monica Thielking, David MacKenzie, Adam Steen 


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