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HQ is extremely humbled ­­­to announce that DeWys Manufacturing will be matching up to $5,000 of donations made in response to this 2019 spring campaign. Their support has been amplified by an additional matching gift of up to $10,000 from an anonymous donor, making the total potential match $15,000. Help us secure every dollar with your gift of $162 towards our goal of $30,000. The DeWys family (DeWys Manufacturing Inc.) shares why supporting HQ is important to them and the community.

Dear Community,

All of us in the DeWys family love to see people grow and reach their potential!  It’s why we love HQ, and it is a big part of why we have supported the organization over the years. Youth are given the time, space and resources they need to know they are the creators of their future.  This only happens with access to essential resources, and most importantly, when each youth knows they have people who genuinely care for them.

As a family, we believe in the work HQ does, and we believe the team at HQ includes some amazing individuals.  We see firsthand how the work HQ does creates positive ripple effects in our community.  HQ brings an amazing, human touch to their work.  Members, volunteers, donors…, everyone they work with is treated with dignity and care!

DeWys Manufacturing shares and practices these values by committing to extensive training and support with our team members to ensure they are equipped to succeed and grow. HQ is doing the same kind of work, and doing it with one of the communities’ most vulnerable populations.  There are youth who are under resourced, under cared for, and under loved.

We can do better.

We Can Do Better Together DeWys Manufacturing & HQ

It takes caring and committed support to overcome these challenges and when a person pairs this support with opportunity, they will flourish! Please join DeWys Manufacturing in ensuring that HQ will continue to excel at this vital work in the community.  Through matching, each donation will have double the impact.  DeWys Manufacturing challenges you to dig deep, be generous and join this beautiful community of support for youth with a gift of $162.


The DeWys Family + HQ