Volunteering at HQ

Thanks for your interest in volunteering at HQ! From the start, we’ve said that community support would be critical to our mission, and again and again, it’s proven true.

We value your experience with us, and we want to make sure that no matter what you decide to do at HQ, it’s a good fit! Below, you can learn more about ways you can help HQ and serve our community’s at-risk youth.

Work With Youth in Grand Rapids

As a volunteer during drop-in hours, you could help in the kitchen, provide support in the space, or offer a special skill or talent. In this role, you would spend time building relationships with youth and supporting the drop-in team.

Provide Opportunity

We’re always looking for volunteers with specialized skills and insight. If you’ve got unique skills, consider the opportunities below.

  • Nursing and healthcare: Do basic first aid and triage with young people during drop-in. (Volunteers must be either a licensed nurse or doctor.)
  • Inclusion support: Provide support and insights we can use to better serve the diverse youth population in our community.
Volunteer with HQ Grand Rapids

Offer Organizational Support

In addition to serving at-risk youth, you can help HQ with its operational needs.

  • Cleaning crew: Help keep our space safe and welcoming!
  • Organizing and sorting donations: A well-organized back room is critical to smooth drop-ins and gives young people quick and easy access to necessities.
  • Building maintenance: Handy? Our facilities get plenty of use, and lending us your skills means our space remains safe for the young people we serve.
  • Administrative support: Write thank you notes, make phone calls, enter data and more that helps run HQ every day.

Get Started With HQ

Before you can volunteer with HQ, you’ll need to complete a series of tasks:

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us.

HQ Grand Rapids Youth Support Center
HQ Youth Drop-in Support Center

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Your group can volunteer by deep cleaning our space or sorting donations. You can also prepare freezer meals in your own space and bring them to HQ so we can use them during drop-in. To get your group involved, contact us online!

Note: Groups of volunteers do not need to go through the volunteer training process and will not work directly with youth during drop-in.