Thanks for your interest in volunteering at HQ! We’ve said from the start that community support would be critical, and again and again, it’s proved to be true. We value your experience with us, and we want to make sure that whatever you decide to do at HQ, that it’s a good fit!

Work with Youth

As a volunteer during drop-in, you would help out in the kitchen, provide support in the space, or offer a special skill or talent. In this role, you would spend time and build relationships with youth as well as support the drop-in team.

Provide Opportunity

  • YOUTHfull Data Project: help with data collection, analysis, and research
  • Employment + education: offer a speciality/skill, work with youth
  • Nursing/healthcare: do basic first aid/triage with youth during drop-in (must be a licensed Nurse or Doctor)
  • Inclusion support

 Organizational Support

  • Cleaning crew: help keep our space safe and welcoming for youth!
  • Organizing and sorting donations: An orderly back room means access to basic needs items is quick an easy, and critical for ensuring drop-in runs smoothly.
  • Building maintenance: Handy? Our facilities get a lot of love, and lending us your skills means our space remains safe for youth.

Group Opportunities

Volunteer with your group by participating in a deep clean of our space, sorting donations. Prepare freezer meals in your own space to bring to HQ to use during drop-in. To get your group involved, send us an email!

Note:  groups of volunteers do not need to go through the volunteer process, and do not work directly with youth during drop-in.

Get Started:

  1. Fill out the online volunteer application here.
  2. Attend our HQ 101 volunteer training.  (Find the latest HQ 101 options on our front page!)
  3. Bring your ID to HQ 101 so we can scan it and do a background check.