• A Trip to The Social Security Administration

    “I don’t think about my vital documents super often. I’ve had a passport since I was 12 – that’s my privilege.” Gabby and I are sitting with a member – let’s call them Dee to preserve their privacy – in the waiting room of the Social Security Administration. Gabby, our

  • A Basis for Transformative Relationships

    By Gabby Lampen The journey of a member at HQ begins with our member agreement. This agreement is the foundation of how we build relationships and ensure everyone has the space and safety to be themselves and pursue what they need. Although we ask little of youth to become a

  • Reminded of our Past, Empowered for our Future

    By Samuel Jones… Across generations, there has been a history of African Americans who excel in various professions and venues. We have great poets like Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou. Innovators like George Washington Carver, Madam CJ Walker and Lewis Latimer. Actors like Sidney Poitier and  Denzel Washington. We are

  • A Critical Piece

    During the polar vortex weather event of 2019, HQ closed due to weather for the first time in its four plus years of operation. One of HQ’s core values is to be boldly transparent and Drop-In Manager, Drea McKinney sat down to share some thoughts and observations on a week

  • Health and Home

    An Interview with Sharon + Tracey In the United States, about 15% of Americans live without health insurance, a significant barrier to health access. Among homeless Americans, this percentage rises to 70%. The nurse’s station at HQ is a direct response to this disproportionate need; our youth, many of whom are

  • HQ went to go see Black Panther. Here’s why that matters.

    “We should go see Black Panther!” At first, it was just a passing thought, a throwaway idea. But as soon as it left Member Advocate Gabby Lampen’s mouth, it got us thinking; could we make that happen? What would it look like? Who could we connect with? How could we

  • A Message From an HQ Member

    I want you to know… I didn’t go to HQ the first time I heard about it. Or the second. In my life, I had to learn quickly to tell who has good intentions and who is looking out for themselves. Sometimes I would meet someone, or go to a

  • HQ Blog – Coffee with…

    Megan Rest, Resources and Readiness are at the core of HQ and drive our work. But as Sam, our Education and Employment manager likes to say: “The fourth “R” is Relationships.” The bonds we form and strengthen with our youth, staff, board, volunteers, community partners… These are at the core

  • HQ is the Place to Be

    HQ is the Place to Be A poem by: An HQ member When you started from nothing and ending up with something, just because of a place to call home. Knowing you’re not alone. Knowing it’s your home away from home away from the streets. Just a place where you

  • “Why I Give”

    “Why I Give” By: Amy Hinman + friends Since opening our doors in 2014, HQ has been 100% community supported. Who we are, what we do, and how we do it is all because of the community, and we couldn’t be more proud of that. From benefit dinners in church