Make a meal for HQ!

Warm, hot meals are the cornerstone to belonging, and we believe that access to nutritious, delicious food is a human right. By bringing us a meal, you can make that happen at HQ.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 1HQ Closed for New Years Day!!  White Chicken Chili + Cornbread Get the recipe Sign up  To-go meals Get the recipe Sign up Chili + Cornbread Get the recipe Sign up  Spaghetti + meatballs Get the recipe Sign up  
Pizza Get the recipe Sign up   To-go meals Get the recipe FILLED!Taco Salad Get the recipe Sign up Spaghetti + meatballs Get the recipe Sign up 10  To-go meals Get the recipe Sign up Chili + Cornbread Get the recipe Sign up 11  Cheesy Ham + Potatoes Get the recipe Sign up  
14 Pizza Get the recipe Sign up 15 To-go meals Get the recipe Sign up  Cheesy Ham + Potatoes Get the recipe Sign up  16  White Chicken Chili + Cornbread Get the recipe FILLED!! 17 To-go meals Get the recipe Sign up Chili + Cornbread Get the recipe Sign up  18 Spaghetti + meatballs Get the recipe Sign up
21 Pizza Get the recipe Sign up  22 To-go meals Get the recipe Sign up Taco Salad Get the recipe Sign up  23 Spaghetti + meatballs Get the recipe Sign up  24 To-go meals Get the recipe Sign up Chili + Cornbread Get the recipe FILLED!! 25 Cheesy Ham + Potatoes Get the recipe Sign up
28 Pizza Get the recipe Sign up  29 To-go meals Get the recipe Sign up  Cheesy Ham + Potatoes Get the recipe Sign up 30 White Chicken Chili + Cornbread Get the recipe Sign up 31 To-go meals Get the recipe FILLED!! Chili + Cornbread Get the recipe FILLED!!   

How it works: 

Choose a meal from the calendar above: There are two options for you to choose from, meals that we serve during drop-in, and meals that we make for youth to take with them “to go.” Click “sign up” to send us an email to let us know what you’re making, and “get the recipe” to view and download HQ’s recipe for either the to-go or in drop-in meal. If you’re making a meal for drop-in, feel free to use your own recipe as well, if you’ve got a favorite! Drop-in meals should feed approximately 30 people; 10 to-go meals should be prepared. (If you feel like preparing more than the suggested serving size, we guarantee it’ll all get eaten!)

Dropping off the meal

Meal drop-offs are Monday-Wednesday-Friday from noon-2p at HQ, 320 State St. SE, Grand Rapids only. If you choose a Tuesday/Thursday meal, please bring it on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Please park in the loading zone next to HQ while delivering your items, and avoid using the neighbor’s driveway while unloading your items. Thank you! The fine print To sign up, click “Sign up” beneath the recipe/day of your choice. This will prompt you to email Luke—please let him know the meal you’re making and on which day. For drop-in meals: Please deliver meals in covered 9″x13″ aluminum baking pans or freezer Ziploc bags so we can efficiently store and prepare the meal you’ve made. All meals must be labelled with the date of preparation and the name of the meal. If your meal includes fresh ingredients or ingredients that HQ will prepare (e.g.: sour cream or biscuits), please bring them in an additional container/bag, also labelled with the meal name to which they belong. To-go meals: Please wrap sandwiches in tinfoil or in a sandwich bag and place each sandwich in its own paper lunch bag and label with the type of sandwich. [For complete and detailed instructions regarding to-go meal preparation, please click “get the recipe” from a to-go meal day from the meal calendar below.] Alternatively, you may deliver the to-go meal ingredients and we’ll assemble them ourselves at HQ. Any questions? Send Luke an email!