Thank you for participating in the Tell2 Campaign.

Materials for having Tell2 conversations

We have created some materials we think will help you in your commitment to move the campaign forward. We hope you find them helpful and enjoy learning more about us!

  • Click here to download some tips for having your Tell2 conversation.
  • Click here to download some staff reflections on what being staff is like, the impact youth have and the barriers they work through.
  • Click here to download some FAQs about HQ.

The social cost of youth homelessness

Calvin College’s Center for Social Research has done an analysis of available research to calculate the average social cost of one youth experiencing homelessness in areas like Grand Rapids. The purpose of this research is not to put a number on the value of one youth but to put in perspective the request for your $20. To be clear we all believe that youth are unique, valuable and bring intrinsic worth and talents to our community. If you would like to learn more about how they arrived at this number follow this link to the Tableau page where you can explore the data.


Useful blog posts

Many of us have written in our HQ blog. Below you will find links and short descriptions about some we think help to tell the story of HQ (though all of them are worth a read).

Beauty + Messiness

Drop in is hard to understand, and even harder to describe. But here Holly paints the raw and honest picture of the beautiful mess that Drop-In can be. It is transparent about where we thrive and where we fall short, and how in the journey youth stay with us and offer US grace.

Welcome to HQ – We’re glad you are here

Many places say they value diversity and inclusion. But that means different things to people. If you want to understand what these things mean to HQ and why they matter, start here.

Words matter here

Sometimes at HQ we use language that seems unusual. We say youth, not kids. We say members, not clients. And oh so many other wonderful things. This is a helpful guide to that language and why we use it.

All the stuff inside

This blog takes us back to when we first started diving deeper into the lived experience of members outside of the four walls we call HQ. There is a reality that what we see is only the surface. We all know this, but this blog unpacks what is often lurking beneath the surface for the youth at HQ.

Why I give

Want to know why people love and support HQ? Hear from some of them here!

Breathing in the sun + HQ Is the place to be

Poems were written by members and shared with you!