Five Years of Building Relationships

Dear Friend,

Five years! HQ is celebrating five full years of open doors to youth in our community! It has been an incredible experience learning and growing over that time. I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on what has made HQ unique, and I keep going back to how everything we do starts with building authentic relationships. I know from my own experiences that one caring relationship can change the trajectory of your life.  Authentic relationships build trust. Trust creates a safe environment to share hopes, dreams, and challenges. With this foundation in place, our members know they are supported as they strive to realize their dreams, and you are a critical piece in making this happen.

Will you consider making a gift of ­­$33 today, as we continue to provide a space for building authentic relationships?

It looks different for every member, but the key is providing a welcoming environment where relationships can take root and grow organically. That first moment of connection could happen with Alyssa while chatting over a meal. Sometimes it happens while playing music with Michael, or laughing with Kalee over a shared joke. It could be a warm greeting in the welcome center that turns into a meaningful conversation with Li. These moments may seem small, but they are HUGE steps for every member! It shows they are not alone, that they have someone they can trust. Someone who will be on their side for every step to come.

None of this work can happen without you though.  It takes a committed community that extends far beyond HQ’s doors.  YOU are a critical piece of this puzzle. When you volunteer your time, when you tell your friends to check us out, when you donate… you meet youth with resources, connections and a network of supportive relationships.  Your gift helps break the cycle of homelessness.  Please consider a contribution of $33.


Shandra Steininger
Co-Founder + Executive Director

P.S. A $33 gift means that we can provide nutritious and well-rounded meals for one drop-in.  Meal times are a core place for connecting and they are not possible without people like you!