Shandra Steininger, LMSW

Executive Director

I exist to help others realize the power they hold in their life and over their future, even in the face of extreme adversity. I know from personal experience the impact one person can have when they truly believe in you and I strive to do that to the greatest extent possible…and to live a life of no regret!

Holly Anderson - HQ

Holly Anderton, MPA

Drop-In Director

I chose to be part of the HQ team because I believe that youth in our community deserve a safe place to be where adults are allies rather than decision makers for youth. HQ is a space that energizes me everyday to see the good in the darker places and to be an advocate for change in this community.


Luke Petsch

Development Director

I believe that when we strive to empower others, our whole community gains from the effort.  I was drawn to HQ because it is a safe place where youth can adjust the trajectory of their lives to achieve hopes and goals.  We all succeed together, and every HQ member who realizes their potential makes our community stronger and more vibrant for us all.

Amy Hinman

Communications Manager

I believe in people. I believe we’re composed of complex experiences, that we’re filled with rich potential, that we’re made for each other. It’s my desire for people to come together so we can celebrate those experiences and amplify that potential. HQ is a space where I see people from all walks of life rally, unite, and grow.  And I love being a part of that.

Mary DeYoung, LLMSW

Data + Quality Manager

I work at HQ because it is both a rare and beautiful thing to find a place where people are fully seen and fully valued. I have heard youth call HQ a home, a sanctuary, a place they feel valued when they walk in the door. I believe all people have the right to feel that way and I consider myself privileged to be part of a place that accomplishes that.


Sam Jones - HQ

Samuel Jones

Education + Employment Manager

I came to HQ because I wanted to be apart of a mission that connects to my passion and purpose for life. Providing access to information, opportunities, and careers is my life’s work, and with HQ, I believe our youth will feel empowered and meet their goals for employment and beyond.

Becky Toth, LLMSW

Community Coordinator

My desire in life is to inspire others to reach their fullest potential. As the Community Coordinator my hope is to empower those I connect with to understand that by sharing their time, skills and resources they too are giving each young person at HQ the ability to dream, learn and become more in their own lives.


Samantha Przybylski

Welcome + Inclusion Specialist
I believe that engaging youth in meaningful conversations about identity and social justice creates growth and confidence. Empowering youth in a way that embraces their uniqueness, uplifts their talents and challenges them to think beyond themselves is revolutionary. This is the type of work that excites me about serving as the Welcome +Inclusion Specialist at HQ.



Michelle Jokisch-Polo - HQ

Michelle Jokisch Polo

Drop-In Advocate

I have the privilege to be able to craft a space for drop-in that intentionally welcomes and allows youth to share and take ownership of their narratives. As a storyteller I see beauty in offering a hand at exploring theirs while helping provide connection to needed resources. Every youth deserves to be heard and accepted as they are.



Kevin Doyle

Member Specialist

I am inspired to be part of an organization that welcomes anyone regardless of their past or their present, and walks with them to a better future, This is a community that can save lives and change lives. I’ve seen it happen. As a member specialist, I’m here to listen, support, and mentor as we figure out life together.


Mike Fravel - HQ

Michael Fravel

Member Specialist

I enjoy and do what I do at HQ because I was shown by another that at the end of the day I am absolutely cherished and matter as well as am loved. HQ is a wonderful outlet that allows me to bring this to our youth, my co-workers, and anyone who walks through our doors. Basically, I’m just about it, dude!


Lourdes Flores

Member Specialist

I believe in the power of sharing our stories honestly and authentically because safety, love, and belonging happen when we allow ourselves to be truly vulnerable. Our scars are just as important as our current situations, and I am proud to be part of a place that allows youth to explore their experiences and gives them back the power to shape their future.