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I want you to know…

I didn’t go to HQ the first time I heard about it. Or the second. In my life, I had to learn quickly to tell who has good intentions and who is looking out for themselves. Sometimes I would meet someone, or go to a place where they said they wanted to help me… and I’d end up feeling like a number, or be pushed towards a service I didn’t want, or even worse, be taken advantage of. I figured that HQ would be like everywhere else and why would anyone want more of that? But it wasn’t. HQ is different! Right away I could tell they cared about me, supported me, and wanted me to be my whole self. Even before facing homelessness, I’d never felt completely accepted for who I am… anywhere! That all changed at HQ.

My name is Shay and when I found HQ, I found support and so much more. That’s why I am so excited to ask you to support this amazing space with a gift of $162$162 means HQ can fully staff 1 drop-in, the next time a youth comes to HQ.

I’m proud of the person that I am. I’m funny, tender, and passionate. I’m a good friend, someone who is easy to trust and looks out for the people I love.  I have a strong mind and a powerful voice. I have dreams of being a motivational speaker or starting a community center that will bring people together. You would never look at me and guess that I have been homeless.  That experience will never define me. This is my life and it is filled with amazing possibilities that my friends at HQ have helped me see for myself.

Today I’m focused on moving towards that future. The path back to stability is tricky and almost never a straight line.  Knowing that folks at HQ are there with resources, connections and support means there is a safe place where I can find rest and prepare for the realities of everyday life. It is a great feeling knowing I will never have to face the tough moments alone again. I will do it with my HQ community. My friends. My family.

The youth of your community need you to support spaces like HQ. When we come to HQ, we are calling out for help. Please don’t let this call go unanswered and make your gift of $162 today.




Smart, Talented, Driven HQ Member

P.S.  It’s important to me that you know what a gift of any size means to HQ members. It means connections from people who care.  It means you support us!

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