HQ is the Place to Be

HQ is the Place to Be


A poem by: An HQ member

When you started from nothing and ending up with something, just because of a place to call home.

Knowing you’re not alone. Knowing it’s your home away from home away from the streets. Just a place where you can rest your feet. Clear you head. A place of wonderful minds. It’s just a great setting for new beginnings and great blessings.

The place that is safe for all kinds. No matter who you are, you’re just fine.

A place that will make it happen for you— if you take that first step they will help you. All they want for you is the best. You just have to be willing to take that step.

A place where all are equal. Just one big happy family. All because we had not just one but many who believe in us youth; that we can do what we wanna do, and be what we wanna be.

Our youth today have that little motivation that is needed.

HQ is the place to be.



  1. Bonni says

    Hello!This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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