“Why I Give”

“Why I Give”


By: Amy Hinman + friends

Since opening our doors in 2014, HQ has been 100% community supported. Who we are, what we do, and how we do it is all because of the community, and we couldn’t be more proud of that. From benefit dinners in church basements, the family that makes us macaroni and cheese once a month, the book club that holds a deodorant drive, or the generosity of local philanthropic groups, it’s all because of you.

We’re taking a moment to write this blog as a way to celebrate and uplift the voices of a few of our supporters. Each person’s story is unique, each motivation something special. We’re grateful for each of them, and for the opportunity to celebrate these friends in this way!

Reasons why I give Stefanie Goudeaux
I was first introduced to HQ through our friend Kirk in an interesting way.  He asked my husband and I to be backup dancers for him for the Lip Sync Battle Fundraiser.  We had a blast and Kirk came in 2nd place.  It was a really fun way to introduce me to HQ.

I’m always interested in projects that are focused on helping the most vulnerable and to come along side them and help them succeed; I am on the board of a non-profit run by good friends in Indiana that is currently working to create an Intentional Neighboring Community.  The goal is to give a home and sense of community to kids aging out of the foster care system.

Currently I’m home with my two small children, but previously I taught for seven years in Chicago Public Schools.  I worked with many children and youth who came from difficult circumstances.  The most important part of my job was developing relationships.  When kids and people feel secure, loved and like they belong, they can do almost anything.  I support HQ because I believe they’re coming along side people who need support and doing so through relationships.

St. John Vianney
Part of the St. John Vianney mission statement is “bringing God to others through our deeds.” Whether old or young, the Social Justice and Community Service Committee of St. John Vianney tries to help whenever it can.

Last fall, the needs of HQ were brought to our attention by a committee member.  Although we had helped veterans, the aged, infants and children, a place specifically for youths had never been brought to our attention.  We were excited to help HQ with their service to this unique and often overlooked group in need.  To date, two collections have been held to fill their “closets.”  HQ works to support youths at a variety of ages with varied circumstances with what they need and provides a safe pace, which everyone needs and deserves.  The parishioners of St. John Vianney were and are more than willing to help this group succeed with their mission.  In this way, St. John Vianney’s mission of bringing God to others through our deeds helps HQ accomplish their goals of helping youth in need.

Why We Give Kathy + Tom Robinson
As part of our tithe, we have made a personal pledge to make a monthly donation to HQ. “Why give?”.

We give for the same reason you might expect – to support the homeless and runaway youth of our community.  But our monthly checks have another reason behind them:  We give in order to be good neighbors.

But, “why be a good neighbor?” It is because HQ has been a good neighbor to us.  We live less than two blocks from HQ.  When word was out that this type of establishment was moving in, some of us had concerns. Might it bring crime to our neighborhood? Graffiti?  Foot traffic?  One wise neighbor invited HQ representatives to meet neighbors for coffee in her home.  Two HQ people joined us.  They came with information, and stories and most importantly – reassurance.  Their concern for youth was obvious, as was their professional ability and genuine care.

We were impressed and even proud that a place like HQ would be joining our neighborhood!  Since then, they have joined our picnics, invited us to volunteer, and to tour their beautiful building, and hosted a block party.  There has been no trouble, no incidents.  That is, no incidents other than the continual concern, care answers and positive direction they have been able to share with the vulnerable population they serve.

So, “Why do we give”? We give because that is what good neighbors do.


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