Welcome to HQ– We’re Glad You’re Here.

Welcome to HQ – We’re glad you’re here.


By: Samantha Przybylski

This blog is written as spoken word poetry, and is meant to be read aloud. We encourage you to interact with the poem by reading it out loud yourself!

Young people walk through the doors of HQ each day.
People who are queer.
People who are not queer.
People who are feminists.
People who are not feminists.
People who are Black.
People who are not Black.
People who want to belong.

HQ is a place to belong.
A place to feel welcome.
A place to be included.
But what does that mean?

Embracing diversity.
Recognizing the identities of members.
The experiences of volunteers.
The expertise of community partners.
And embracing differences in them.
Tolerance is not acceptable at HQ,
We celebrate our uniqueness.

Creating a safe space.
HQ is willing to make bold changes.
Changing language in our mission.
Willing to center the most marginalized.
Having All Gender Inclusive restrooms.
Willing to grow and learn about the unfamiliar.
Bringing in those who may know more than we do.

Diving into tough topics.
Standing with Black Lives Matter.
Asking pronouns and name preferences.
Empowering women to make their own choices – especially around their bodies.
Checking offensive language – creating teachable moments.
Moments. Connections. Relationships.
That’s what it’s about.

But why inclusion at HQ?
Why the open door, come as you are policy?
Why take such a strong stance on social justice topics?
Why welcome and center the most vulnerable?

If not at HQ, where else?
Where else can the queer, black man,
The undocumented Latina,
The pregnant woman living with mental illness
walk into a space and not leave part of themselves at the door?

HQ is where.
HQ is where this will always hold true.
Our staff are activists.
Our members are visionaries.
Our volunteers are innovative.
We can change perceptions, minds and the world.
We want this to blossom at HQ.
Come as you are.

Welcome to HQ – We’re glad you’re here.

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