Breathing in the Sun

I feel the sun breaking up the chill bite of the morning/ the soothing sounds of chillstep flow from my headphones/ breathing slows as the music swells/ and the cars slow/ the sun on my skin is warm now/ a golden glow/ transporting me/ sends me sliding back through my memories

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All the Stuff Inside

We rush past each other every day–in cars, down hallways, in supermarket aisles. For many,feeling  relatively ignored in public spaces is normal, and often preferred. But to the youth that come through our doors, being “unseen” communicates that their reality is uncomfortable and they are not worth acknowledging.

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Get What You Need & Go Forth

A member at HQ told me once that the worst part about being homeless isn’t the starving, the not bathing, the freezing. It’s being looked at like the world would be a better place if you weren’t there. It’s knowing that, in that moment, you are despised and rejected, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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