• HQ Blog – Coffee with…

    Megan Rest, Resources and Readiness are at the core of HQ and drive our work. But as Sam, our Education and Employment manager likes to say: “The fourth “R” is Relationships.” The bonds we form and strengthen with our youth, staff, board, volunteers, community partners… These are at the core

  • HQ is the Place to Be

    HQ is the Place to Be A poem by: An HQ member When you started from nothing and ending up with something, just because of a place to call home. Knowing you’re not alone. Knowing it’s your home away from home away from the streets. Just a place where you

  • “Why I Give”

    “Why I Give” By: Amy Hinman + friends Since opening our doors in 2014, HQ has been 100% community supported. Who we are, what we do, and how we do it is all because of the community, and we couldn’t be more proud of that. From benefit dinners in church

  • Words Matter Here

    Words matter here. By: Amy Hinman Sometimes, at HQ, we say things differently. The words we say might sound unusual or unfamiliar, but they’re important, and we want to share a few of our most common “HQ phrases” and why we choose to use them. “Youth” vs. “Kids” or “Teens”

  • A place to call home: Well House opens permanent housing for homeless youth Rapid Growth Media January 26, 2017 Ending homelessness is a top priority for metropolitan areas throughout the country. With churches, nonprofits and individuals’ joint efforts, services such as temporary housing, food pantries, soup kitchens, and showers dot

  • At 17, living in a tent by the river The Bridge January 12, 2017 GRAND RAPIDS – At age 21, Roy Turner already could be considered a veteran of the streets. Homeless off and on since he was 17, he’s slept in a van, stayed with relatives, in shelters, in

  • Fewer homeless veterans. More homeless children in state. The Bridge January 12, 2017 GRAND RAPIDS — A few days before Christmas, a stressed-out Victoria Smith was doing her best to keep it together. A single mother of four young children, Smith, 22, slipped into homelessness a couple months earlier when

  • Beauty + Messiness

    Beauty + Messiness   By: Holly Anderton When asked to describe drop-in, I often find myself at a loss for words. It’s a mixture of beauty and messiness; heaviness and strength; weariness and energy. Combined, drop-in is a place that authenticity is currency and your word is gold. From the

  • HQ Ready for Anything

    HQ Ready for Anything   By: Amy Hinman In the conference room at HQ, an R+B playlist pumps through the speakers, vibrations making the cups of Hawaiian punch jiggle slightly. There are bowls of chips on the tables, which are arranged like a classroom, as well as printed materials, binders,

  • Welcome to HQ– We’re Glad You’re Here.

    Welcome to HQ – We’re glad you’re here. By: Samantha Przybylski This blog is written as spoken word poetry, and is meant to be read aloud. We encourage you to interact with the poem by reading it out loud yourself! Young people walk through the doors of HQ each day.