Board of Directors

Brian McCourt


I serve at HQ and its Board because I am committed to ensuring that all youth have an opportunity to achieve their potential regardless of circumstances. Our members at HQ are amazing individuals who have unfortunately experienced difficult situations outside of their control. By providing a place to belong, build trust, and provide resources we are able to change a members trajectory to help achieve their dreams. And for me that is faith in action.

Lori Brooks
Old National Bank

I have a real passion to do something that makes a dent in preventing human trafficking. When I learned that homeless teens are often the target of traffickers within 48 hours of being on the streets, I knew HQ was a place that I wanted to work alongside. The HQ staff and board are such a progressively thinking and caring group to work with. The members are amazing and courageous, and deserve safe and stable housing!

Quincy Williams
Grand Valley State University

Living in a semi-privileged environment, I recognized the copious amounts of suffering throughout our community. As a board member, I’m dedicated to addressing the needs and to balance the inequalities of teen homelessness in my community.

Allison Roman, MSW
Grand Valley State University

After getting connected to HQ and hearing of all the amazing and incredibly necessary things that HQ does, I knew I wanted to serve on it’s board. With a passion for social justice work, I am committed to creating positive change in the lives of those who may be marginalized and to advocate for systemic changes. I am thrilled to engage with the youth and to take part of this important organization.

Omar Flores
Claystone Clinical Associates

I am honored to serve on the HQ board because it is an opportunity to help others in ways that were instrumental in helping me as a kid in Detroit. I am certain of the role that my mentors had in helping me to become a man that I am today. I am eager to help set the stage for young adults to have the chance to realize their visions. It’s an honor to have just this opportunity here at HQ.

Carl Erickson
Atomic Object

Young people should be able to count on a safe, nurturing home. Helping those who can’t is simple human decency. I appreciate both the immediate, short-term help HQ offers our youth, as well as the longer-term vision to change their life trajectory in a positive fashion. I hope my business and technology experience can contribute to the mission.


Shannon Cohen
Community Ventures

I believe every person has purpose and gifts regardless of the circumstances of their birth and/or situational circumstances. HQ to me is a place where community youth are embraced, empowered, and authentically engaged to live their best lives beginning at where they are and throughout the journey of getting to where they want to be. It is an honor to serve and to be a part of a movement that reflects the type of person, community member, and leader I strive to be.

Zoe Martinez

Rhoades McKee Attorneys

HQ serves a very real need for youth in West Michigan and beyond. Most importantly, they do it in a way that is genuine, no strings attached, and person-focused, helping youth overcome barriers that may be getting in the way of a brighter future. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with HQ.

Ryan Schmidt
Inner City Christian Federation

HQ is the perfect way for me to connect my experience and passion for affordable housing to help HQ members find safety and stability. There’s more need today than ever to act on affordable housing and homelessness in our city. As we grow, we need to put a stake in the ground for those more disenfranchised groups. Living in Grand Rapids should be accessible for everyone, across all income levels; we should all be able to celebrate and enjoy the community we share.


Kurt Suidinski

Eastbrook Homes

I am honored to serve on the HQ board alongside an amazing group of selfless individuals. I was immediately drawn to HQ in its infancy when I learned about the lack of resources that were available for homeless youth in our great city. HQ is the conduit to which our members can access those services, and provide a safe place to belong and build trust.

Bridget Clark Whitney

Kids’ Food Basket